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Health Canada Registered

Follow our easy to use guide below to recognize products approved by Health Canada

Domestic demand for hand sanitizers has surged 700% percent in the last two months. Manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand and many non-regulated products are now entering the market.

What Does Non-Regulated Mean and How Do You Recognize Them?

In order to manufacture and sell hand sanitizers in Canada, the product has to be registered with Health Canada. After an application is completed every product receives a unique NPN (Natural Product Number) which must be printed on the label.

There is an online database of all Health Canada registered hand sanitizers available to the public and you can find it here. You can search by the manufacturer name or simply by entering the NPN from the product label and checking if that number exists in the database.

Why Is It Important To Use Health Canada Registered Products?

In order for a hand sanitizer to be effective it has to have at least 60% of alcohol in the formulation. Using non-regulated products puts users at risk thinking that they are sanitizing while the product is not doing what it claims.

Not all alcohols are made the same way. Some alcohols contain toxins in larger amounts and are not allowed for topical use. Health Canada registered products can use only Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) or Isopropyl Alcohol.

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